Commercial Photography

We have been providing commercial photographic services to both large and small businesses in and around Burton-on-Trent since we started in 2009, including Molson-Coors, Magnet Kitchens and Ravensbourne Plastics.

Large commercial photographic operations are simply not interested iin dealing with small organisations - companies with only a handful of employees, where the advertising budget is measured in hundreds rather than thousands of pounds.

However, Autumn House are used to dealing with small orders and limited resources, and are happy to work alongside your own staff.

Depending upon your requirements, we can usually produce results indistinguishable from those created by much more expensive big-city photographers.

How we work....

After meeting with you to discuss what you want to do, we provide a short Scope of Work document detailing the work involved, timescales and projected costs.

This also describes how we intend to perform the work, and what aspects of the job you will be responsible for.

We can also provide image post-processing. Depending upon what you want to achieve as a final result, this can be subtle filtering, perspective correction, or the full-scale Photoshop treatment with background removal and image alteration.

Labour is chargeable at 50/hour, and includes use of multiple portable flash guns and full-frame camera equipment.

All images taken are colour- and exposure-corrected as standard, and provided on DVD-ROM and/or internet download for a further fee of 100 per 50 images, subject to a minimum purchase of 50 images.

Image manipulation and enhancement is available by quotation.

All expenses are chargeable, and detailed in the Scope of Work.