Location Portraiture & Model Portfolio Work

As a more exciting alternative to studio shoots against a plain background, we now offer location shoots. Here, we can employ the same creative lighting techniques that would be used in the studio, but at a location of your choice. The use of a familiar setting allows us to turn bland photographs into memories, and we can use gardens, parks, playgrounds and woodlands to create unforgettable pictures. This has the added advantage that there is no limit to the number of people who can take part.

Location shoots with controlled lighting are ideal for aspiring models (either male or female) who wish to create or add to a folio. You can choose your location, provide your own stylist, make-up artist and outfits as you wish, bring one or two friends, and we'll create some unique and eye-catching images for you.

What we provide....

For family photoshoots, to give the best chance of success with the weather, we ask you to nominate two dates a few days apart, and then we meet you at the agreed location on the best day. We usually allow a couple of hours for the shoot, which gives plenty of time for a variety of poses, groups and backgrounds.

For portfolio work, we like to meet with you in advance to discuss exactly what sort of photographs you want. For an additional charge, we can provide professional hair stylists, make-up artists, and expert retouching and printing of your images, as required.

Family Photoshoot                   50

Approximately 2 hours of photography at a suitable agreed location, with a choice of dates in case of poor weather. This includes 25 towards prints or other services.

Images from the shoot are hosted on our secure website, secured by a password, where you, your friends and your family can view and buy fully-retouched prints or images.

A full list of print prices is available to download here.

Model Portfolio Work              100

Approximately 4 hours of photography at a suitable agreed location, with a choice of dates in case of poor weather. The additional time is to allow for hair, make-up and outfit changes, and changes to the lighting setup.

Charges for a hair and make-up artist will be quoted on request.


We don't charge for travelling a reasonable distance to shooting locations, but parking charges, venue entry fees, etc. will be charged to the client.